01. What is GAP?02. How can I cancel my GAP waiver and check the cancellation status?03. How do I start a GAP claim?04. How will by GAP claim get Paid?

01. What is GAP?

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) - In the event a vehicle is determined to be totaled in an accident or is stolen and not recovered, GAP is designed to help pay the difference between the insurance settlement or ACV (Actual Cash Value) and the loan balance as of the date of loss. The GAP beneift may…
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03. How do I start a GAP claim?

The most efficient way to start a GAP claim is to go to the Classic Claims Portal. You can start your claim by using either: the contract number and last name OR the last name and last 6 digits of the VIN (vehicle identification number). The Claims portal will allow you to: start a claim…
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