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Our extraordinary experience is about setting up dealers to provide the best possible F&I experience to their customers.


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We invite and encourage all franchise and non-franchise dealerships to Connect to Classic for the most extraordinary experience in the industry. From phones answered by a real person to a highly competent staff of trained, experienced professionals who have answers when you need those answers; we go out of our way to protect you and your customers.

The feedback we hear is often centered on how much our dealers appreciate our personal approach. When a dealer has an issue or question, or when one of the dealers’ customers has a claim and needs handholding through the process, we have a team member to assist. Our goal is to help resolve claims quickly and make your dealership look good.

If you would like to learn more about our products, programs, and services, please contact the Sales Team at 800.930.4633. When you call, we’ll provide you information about our company and learn more about what you are looking for so we can pair you with an agent that is suited for your dealership’s needs.

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Norman & Company, Inc.
Mailing Address
13401 McCormick Drive
Tampa, FL 33626

Physical Address
Norman & Company, Inc./Classic
13401 McCormick Drive
Tampa, FL 33626

Toll Free: 800-930-4633
Fax: 813-855-4554


Classic Administration Systems, LLC
1603 Capital Avenue Suite 303D
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Toll Free: 877-222-4162
Fax: 813-582-4008