Tire & Wheel Road Conditions & Spending: Which States Rank the Highest and Lowest?

Tire & Wheel Road Conditions & Spending:  Which States Rank the Highest and Lowest?

Drivers may be surprised to learn that in recent years, states have spent more than $186 billion each year on road & highway maintenance and operations.  Research done by MoneyGeek shows that three-quarters of the money spent on road & highway maintenance and repairs comes from state and local governments.  The Urban Institute has determined that states spend an average of 8% and localities spend about 4% of their budgets on roads.

Based on road conditions across the country, however, it seems that not all states seem to get their money’s worth when it comes to improving motorways.  According to AAA, an estimated 32% of U.S. roads are rated in poor to average condition.  Not only are poor roads a nuisance to drive on, but they can also cause serious damage to vehicles that cross these rough roads each day.  In fact, that same AAA study found that driving on poor roads costs motorists $67 billion in additional auto maintenance costs annually.  Vehicle repair bills related to pothole damage have cost U.S. drivers $15 billion over the last five years alone.

While the issue stems all across the country, some states certainly face more challenges than others when it comes to road maintenance.

Naturally, the more miles driven increases the risk for encountering hazardous road conditions.  The Golden state of California ranks #1 for the most miles driven and ranks #2 for roads with poor conditions so the chances of tires and/or wheel repair or replacement is the highest.  Texas, Florida, Georgia and New York all fill out the top five states with most miles driven.

The Wolverine state of Michigan is considered the most dangerous state for winter driving and is ranked #9 for the worst road conditions.  Alaska, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and Montana round out the top five most dangerous states for winter driving. Snow Belt states have some of the highest incidents of tire and wheel repair due to damage from cold and ice, which can contribute to how fast roads deteriorate.

The top five territories with the worst road conditions are District of Columbia, California, Rhode Island, Hawaii and Wisconsin.  The consumers in these states have the greatest chance of having tire and/or wheel damage from road conditions that will require repair and/or replacement.

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