Spring Motorcycle Tips

Tips To Take On The Road As Motorcycle Season Kicks-off

Did you know spring is the official start of motorcycle season? The end of winter brings great weather and lots of sights to see. It’s no wonder people dust off their winterized motorcycles and get them back on the road during this time.

Prior to taking that spring maiden voyage, there are preparations that must be done to the motorcycle. Some of the things to check are:

  • Fluid Levels - Since there wasn’t much riding over the winter months, make sure all of the necessary fluids are topped off and ready to go.
  • Battery – You want ‘the heart’ of the motorcycle to be fully charged.
  • Tires and Brakes - The two most important parts of the motorcycle should be given a good inspection prior to riding on the open road. Check the tread of the tires and ensure the brakes are in working order. Remember that in some areas, the roads can be rough due to winter weather. Roads are irregular from being frozen over and from harsh corrosive materials being placed on the asphalt to combat the ice. Tires need to be in tip top shape prior to riding for the first time.
  • Lights – A vital component that needs to work properly, especially if there is a plan to ride at night. Turn your lights on and off to test them.
  • Personal Gear – Test the zippers on jackets, examine boot buckles and inspect the helmet shield to ensure they are fully functional. The gear being worn should be the last thing to worry about when riding the motorcycle.
  • Practice Run – Once everything has been double checked, go around the neighborhood. Take a test ride close to home so you can return to fix anything that may be out of sorts.

Now that the motorcycle and gear have been checked, it’s time to enjoy that spring weather.

While spring is welcomed with open arms, it still has its fair share of poor weather. There are more rainy days during this season than the other seasons. The first few minutes of a rain storm are the most dangerous. Roads can be slippery and hazardous. The best rule of thumb is to pull over and let the storm subside. If that is not an option there is a chance the tires or wheels could get damaged during the storm. To ease some worries for these events when purchasing their motorcycles, Classic Administration Systems provides dealerships with the option to offer customers On Road Tire and Wheel protection.

Riding so connected to the road, this program can be beneficial when buying a motorcycle because it is designed to help repair or replace tires and wheels if they are damaged by a road hazard such as glass, nails, wood, potholes, or debris.


  • Tire repair for minor damage that does not affect normal operation.
  • Tire replacement if a tire is not repairable.
  • Wheel repair for minor damage.
  • Wheel replacement if a wheel is not able to be repaired.

Call our sales team today to get this amazing program at your dealership.