Key-Remote Replacement

With Modern Cars, Remote Replacement Cost Is More Than Just A Key

Nowadays, in order to operate a vehicle, a key fob is vital. It is the primary way to open the vehicle, start the engine, and even remote start from afar. These small pieces of plastic are quite expensive and have intricate programming. Therefore, if the key or remote goes missing, it can be a process to get it replaced while leaving the customer’s wallet on the emptier side.

The industry standard for a key or remote replacement ranges from $200-$1,000. The reason why it costs so much is because the remote must be programmed to match the car. Taking the product cost with all the technology built in, then add in the labor fees for programming and the final bill can really add up. Long gone are the days that a person can buy a generic key fob at the local hardware store and have it work with their vehicle.  Hence the reason why the replacement is considered a process.

Some people try to go the less costly route and replace a key fob without going to the dealership. They call local mechanics or locksmiths to help them. However, to make sure the job is done correctly, the key/remote replacement should be completed by the service department at the dealer. Some manufacturers have specific built in security chips that must be installed by their franchises. Getting an aftermarket key fob online will not work with a multitude of vehicles as there are specific requirements in order for them to function properly.

Classic has an amazing program to help with key or remote replacement woes – the CAS Key/Remote Protection Program. This package entitles the car owner to get up to $400 for a Class 1 vehicle, and up to $800 for a Class 2. These two classes depend on the vehicle manufacturer. Not only may it help pay to have the key or fob replaced, but it also offers the following benefits:

  • 24 hour Roadside Assistance (In the U.S. and Canada) Includes:
    • Towing – up to 15 miles
    • Emergency Road Service – Any available service that is needed to get your vehicle running (hose replacement, tightening of cables, etc.)
    • Essential Fluids or Supplies Delivery – Includes gasoline, water, oil or other supplies.
    • Flat Tire Changes or Repair – Your vehicle’s spare will be installed, as long as it is inflated and serviceable.
    • Emergency Battery Service – includes tightening or cleaning of cables, jumpstarts, and minor adjustments to the alternator.
    • Lockout Service – a locksmith will be dispatched to help you gain entry to your vehicle.

The CAS Key/Remote Program is available on new and used vehicles as long as there are two (2) key fobs for the vehicle at the time of purchase.

To start offering your dealerships this fantastic program, contact the Classic Sales team today!