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Every RV or travel trailer purchase represents a sizeable investment. The vast majority of people who make an RV or travel trailer investment want to protect that investment. Insurance is one of those investments that provides customers with a necessary comfort zone. The problem is, traditional RV insurance doesn’t cover everything.

Three highly relevant products from Classic-RV –– including Classic RV GAP, Tire & Wheel protection, and Classic RV Finish –– provide comfort-zone protection and real benefits for today’s consumers.


In the event your customer’s RV or travel trailer is stolen and not recovered... or is totaled following an accident… their primary insurance covers the current value of their RV. The problem is the current market value of their RV or travel trailer could be far less than the amount they owe their lender. Classic RV GAP comes to their rescue by helping to cover the difference between what their RV or travel trailer is worth at the time of loss (its market value) and what they owe to their lending institution.

Tire & Wheel Protection

Changing a tire on a typical sedan is one thing. Changing a tire on an RV or travel trailer is a monumental task. Throughout the U.S. and Canada Classic Tire & Wheel Protection covers flat tire repair caused by a road hazard such as glass, nails, wood, pot holes, and debris; dead battery, towing up to 150 miles, 24/7 roadside assistance, and damaged wheels.

Classic RV Finish

Every RV or travel trailer owner takes pride in the appearance of their vehicle. Classic’s optional paint and interior warranty protects against weather, fading, chalking, insect damage, bird droppings, UV damage on the outside... and leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpeted areas on the inside. Classic RV Finish also covers rips, tears, punctures, and burns plus blood, urine and makeup stains.

About Classic

Serving the automotive, RV, powersports, and marine sports industries since 1984, Classic, a family owned-and-operated business, is dedicated to providing dealers and consumers with the most extraordinary experience in the industry.

Fast, Efficient Claims

From phones answered by a real person to a staff of trained, experienced professionals, Classic is prepared to help facilitate each and every claim. A quick call to our toll-free phone number at 800.930.4633 provides your customers with the solutions and information they need.

To Learn more about the Classic RV and travel trailer lineup and to connect with an experienced agent near you, contact Marty Battista, vice president of training and development, by email or phone at 800.930.4633.

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